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Another November, Another NaNoWriMo

Check out my page! 30 days, 50,000 words, umpteen cups of coffee! NaNoWriMo time has arrived again. This seasonal event has become a tradition of mine, if 3 times can be called a tradition. If nothing else, it helps to establish, reinforce, or (in my case) reestablish the habit of writing something every day. Editing, proof reading, grammar … faugh! This is about producing content!

This year is going to be something really special for me. I’ve been telling you in previous posts about Scott Roche’s The Way of The Gun over at As of this writing, Scott has less than a day left. Go, contribute, enjoy!

Anyhow, Scott has given me permission to set my NaNo book in his universe. I’m extremely excited about this! Of course, now I have to produce a novel. Let me tell you a little about it.

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An Ark Full of Archetypes

The Way of the Gun - A Bushido Western AnthologyI’m more than a little excited about this Kickstarter campaign from Scott Roche. It takes me back to those rainy, Saturday afternoons when my brothers and I would watch one Gene Autry or John Wayne western after another until Mom and Dad got tired of us being underfoot and shooed us off to clean our rooms. When they’d leave to get groceries, we’d sneak back into the den and catch dubbed Japanese martial arts films. We’d have to go to the den because back then we only had the one television. Apparently the buzzing sound the tube made attracted the dinosaurs.

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Seasons Endings

Did you miss me? I’m back! It has been a long summer. I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve learned a great deal. For one thing, beach trips with boogie boarding, sand castles, and family are more fun when you just go with it. Recovering from the pounding the surf inflicts on my body is taking longer each year, but the fun is well worth it.

I’ve learned that traveling 15 and a half hours, across the Mississippi (twice), and into the mid-west is a beast. While I could probably do it in one day, I broke it into two. My family thanked me. Something about the grouch factor being significantly less.

And, I’ve learned that I’m not nearly the tough guy I thought I was. I’m not stoic, I’m not strong, and I’m not indefatigable. In point of fact, the only thing machismo and I have in common is … well … I like cheese.

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Out To Guest Dragon

cartoon_dragon_TI am off Guest Blogging today at Letters To People Who Won’t Read Them; thank you Amber James for hosting! So, pop on over and read “Dear Inattentive Driver,” then comment profusely. See, I trying to engage you interactively.

Last week I put out a “Help Wanted: Looking for Guest Bloggers” sign. Nary a peep. *Sigh*

This week, I’m trying a more direct approach … the dragon. I mean, hey; the sign didn’t work. Dragons are cool, right? I see it as a reverse psychology approach, “Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup!”

Last week, I asked for Guest Bloggers and I got nada. This week I’m telling them to stay away and I’m bracing myself for the impending rush as we speak. Why dragons, you may ask?

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IMHO, or perhaps, not so humble – Day 6 of the April Platform Challenge

Today’s April Platform Challenge is near and dear to my heart: giving my opinion. The exercise said to “direct your attention elsewhere.” I didn’t like the sound of that, so I changed it. Seriously, we were to read a blog post and *thoughtfully* comment on it (more on that, later). Oh, and link back to our blog; in my case, back to here! So, if you’re new here … Hiya! Strap in, things tend to get pretty weird, pretty fast.

Standard Caveats Apply

The beautiful thing about an opinion is, it’s never, ever wrong. Wait-wait-wait! Think about it. I’m not saying the information used to form the opinion or the sources the opinion is based on are never wrong; I’m saying the opinion is (due to it’s very subjective nature) never wrong; because it is an opinion, not a recitation of fact. 

The delivery, on the other hand, is a whole, ‘nother story. When some yaybob (not me) starts spouting their opinion like it’s indisputable fact, you have a troll on your hands; particularly when attempts to reason with said individual are met with derision and personal attacks – the virtual equivalent of hurling feces. Like I recommended yesterday; disengage. You are truly attempting to put lipstick on a pig. The pig doesn’t care for it and you look ridiculous for trying.

I know, I know, you’re like, “Paul, what about your opinions? You’re not shy about waxing on and on with them.” Ahem. Please click on the Standard Caveats Apply link. At present there are 10 caveats I use to disavow trollish behavior. If nothing else, just read number 1 and number 10. Especially number 10.

My victim selection was the Fit-2-Write Podcast. It’s sort of an audio blog, right? Shoutouts to Lauren “Scribe” Harris, Tee Morris, and Justin Macumber. Yes, I’m going to name drop and drag y’all into this, too.

Anywho, my clever remarks can be found here. Or, the comment will be there after it has been moderated. It may not be, though. I referenced nose-blowing. So much for thoughtful remarks.

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