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Sharing … Not so much – Day 7 of the April Platform Challenge

The assignment for today’s April Platform Challenge is to add a “Sharing” button to my blog. As it turns out, it’s going to be harder than than I thought. I had “Share on Twitter”, “Facebook”, and “Google+” buttons on my blog. All of a sudden, they started pointing towards”nullblog.” I don’t even write on a site called “nullblog”.

The template I’m using was originally a WordPress template that got ported to the Blogger format. I’ve modified it since and it no longer plays well with the new and improved Blogger admin console. If I want to successfully add Share buttons, I’ve going to have to use a newer template, which will mean porting the graphics and style sheets to the new engine. This may not happen in April. Stay tuned.

IMHO, or perhaps, not so humble – Day 6 of the April Platform Challenge

Today’s April Platform Challenge is near and dear to my heart: giving my opinion. The exercise said to “direct your attention elsewhere.” I didn’t like the sound of that, so I changed it. Seriously, we were to read a blog post and *thoughtfully* comment on it (more on that, later). Oh, and link back to our blog; in my case, back to here! So, if you’re new here … Hiya! Strap in, things tend to get pretty weird, pretty fast.

Standard Caveats Apply

The beautiful thing about an opinion is, it’s never, ever wrong. Wait-wait-wait! Think about it. I’m not saying the information used to form the opinion or the sources the opinion is based on are never wrong; I’m saying the opinion is (due to it’s very subjective nature) never wrong; because it is an opinion, not a recitation of fact. 

The delivery, on the other hand, is a whole, ‘nother story. When some yaybob (not me) starts spouting their opinion like it’s indisputable fact, you have a troll on your hands; particularly when attempts to reason with said individual are met with derision and personal attacks – the virtual equivalent of hurling feces. Like I recommended yesterday; disengage. You are truly attempting to put lipstick on a pig. The pig doesn’t care for it and you look ridiculous for trying.

I know, I know, you’re like, “Paul, what about your opinions? You’re not shy about waxing on and on with them.” Ahem. Please click on the Standard Caveats Apply link. At present there are 10 caveats I use to disavow trollish behavior. If nothing else, just read number 1 and number 10. Especially number 10.

My victim selection was the Fit-2-Write Podcast. It’s sort of an audio blog, right? Shoutouts to Lauren “Scribe” Harris, Tee Morris, and Justin Macumber. Yes, I’m going to name drop and drag y’all into this, too.

Anywho, my clever remarks can be found here. Or, the comment will be there after it has been moderated. It may not be, though. I referenced nose-blowing. So much for thoughtful remarks.

If writers write, do they not also blog? – Day 5 of the April Platform Challenge

I almost laughed out loud when I saw today’s April Platform Challenge: create a blog. Since you’re already here, we might as well get started.

I’ve been working on this blog off and on now for several years. The difficult part has been to peruse this with some regularity. I would say that I have been irregular about the updates, but I really don’t want to invite laxative humor. Well, it is funny!

The idea behind these exercises appears to be to make us more accessible to our followers. Huh. I’ve of the mindset that says people either are genuine or they are not. Whether meeting them virtually or IRL, people can’t get away from who they are. Oh sure, they can fake it for a little while, but eventually their inner nature will come out. So, if you’re looking for genuine, here’s an opinion of mine.

Standard Caveats Apply

From my experience, the anonymity of the Internet will bring out the troll out faster and allow the troll to take things further than if you were to meet in person. It’s the whole accountability thing; if people don’t think their behavior can be tied back to them, they’ll let their virtual selves rain down fire and brimstone on the unsuspecting (maybe even on the suspecting, sometimes).

Counter wise, the nice guys (gender neutral, please, I’m from Alabama and I’m faking the Jersey accent) will be nice regardless and because their behavior is so pleasant, it becomes practically ignored. If anonymity fuels crassness, it surely strangles kindness. That being the case, it brings me to my next question:

Exactly what are we training the future generations of net users to behave as? (Hint: It rhymes with “bass” and has no class.) Can we stop it? Only if we stop feeding the trolls.

Is that easy to do? It should be. It should be a simple thing to ignore the cantankerous. But, it isn’t. I believe that a lot of us, myself included, want to build a consensus; if for no other reason than to show the knot heads in Washington that it can be done. We want to use logic and we want to persuade. And, that is why we fail.

To my knowledge, the troll is more interested in stirring the pot by being rude, abrasive and contrary. You cannot argue with them. You can bicker, but you cannot win by engaging. The only ‘”win” is to walk away.

A Marked Twit – Day 4 of the April Platform Challenge

Well, today’s April Platform Challenge is to create a Twitter account. I’m already there, @paulkellis. Come on and follow me!

A Proper Profile – Day 3 of the April Platform Challenge

The next step in constructing on online presence is a complete Facebook profile, according to the April Platform Challenge. Said site makes the claim that Facebook is the second most visited site, behind Google. Bearing that in mind, it makes sense that a writer would want a presence on arguably the world’s largest social networking site.

Today’s challenge wasn’t all that difficult. I already have a Facebook account, so all I had to do was update the profile. Check it out here.

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