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Project Blackford

Top SecretThe past seven days have been crazy. My oldest broke her collarbone, necessitating a one thousand mile trip for her surgery. Eight titanium screws and one titanium plate later, she is in full recovery mode and no longer needing either my wife or myself. That was a lot of time in airports and hospitals. To distract myself I came up with an idea; Project Blackford.

I’ve pitched a short story and, at the moment, I can’t tell you a lot about it. I have invited myself into someone else’s sandbox and they may kick me out. I have what I think is a cool idea for their shared anthology, but I haven’t heard back from them yet. So, it’s a secret for now. Continue reading Project Blackford »

Reblog Sunday: Commitments, Responsibilities, and Scheduling

Getting this post out has been a disaster. I started with it back in August. The irony that it has taken so long is not lost on me. At one point I began to despair that I might never get to the end of it. You know the feeling; once you get behind the eight ball it gets harder and harder to get out in front of it. Of course, it is so easy to fall behind.

After all, I have the day job, kids in school (and their activities), my lovely bride, our home, family, pets, my writing group, podcast projects, etc. Then, there are the attendant emergencies. You know the drill: Life. Life intervenes. My case isn’t all that special. I started this post as a reminder concerning my tendency to over-commit my time. I do that. I want to be involved in everything. It’s all so neat!

So, how can you avoid that pitfall? There’s lots of bright and shiny stuff to attract your attention. What I have discovered is a set of tools that I use to keep me focused and on track. And, like any set of tools, how you use them determines how effective they are. Your mileage my vary. Continue reading Reblog Sunday: Commitments, Responsibilities, and Scheduling »

Hi and Welcome to the New Spot!

Rose Silver Background

For those who followed me on my previous blog,”It was a Dark & Stormy Night,” look forward to the same general brand of silliness with a bit more emphasis on writing. If you didn’t follow me, no worries. I have imported the bulk of the posts from my previous site so there will be some continuity. Or discontinuity, if you prefer.

I waxed a bit maudlin in my final DSNite post, but, so you don’t miss anything, allow me to render it all down to the basic parts:

  1. My oldest daughter went to college.
  2. I used that as an excuse to stop writing.

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Another November, Another NaNoWriMo

Check out my page! 30 days, 50,000 words, umpteen cups of coffee! NaNoWriMo time has arrived again. This seasonal event has become a tradition of mine, if 3 times can be called a tradition. If nothing else, it helps to establish, reinforce, or (in my case) reestablish the habit of writing something every day. Editing, proof reading, grammar … faugh! This is about producing content!

This year is going to be something really special for me. I’ve been telling you in previous posts about Scott Roche’s The Way of The Gun over at As of this writing, Scott has less than a day left. Go, contribute, enjoy!

Anyhow, Scott has given me permission to set my NaNo book in his universe. I’m extremely excited about this! Of course, now I have to produce a novel. Let me tell you a little about it.

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An Ark Full of Archetypes

The Way of the Gun - A Bushido Western AnthologyI’m more than a little excited about this Kickstarter campaign from Scott Roche. It takes me back to those rainy, Saturday afternoons when my brothers and I would watch one Gene Autry or John Wayne western after another until Mom and Dad got tired of us being underfoot and shooed us off to clean our rooms. When they’d leave to get groceries, we’d sneak back into the den and catch dubbed Japanese martial arts films. We’d have to go to the den because back then we only had the one television. Apparently the buzzing sound the tube made attracted the dinosaurs.

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