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Spring Cleaning – Categories

Public Domain as fear 2 perspectiveTomorrow I will be the Guest Blogger at Mel’s Madness. That’s the first bit of spring cleaning that needed doing. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Mel’s place is non-fiction and, as I’m sure my family will tell you, I like to make stuff up. Tomorrow’s offering is a (mostly) auto-biographical piece, in keeping with Mel’s blog. It is, quite frankly, a stretch for me. Anyhoo, head over tomorrow and give it a gander.

Yes, I know the image looks more like holding on than letting go, but it has two things going for it. When you start the cleaning process, things do get tossed and decisions have to be made, otherwise you are just shuffling stuff. And second, it’s a free image.

I have been taking (forever with) the April Platform Challenge. One of the areas that wasn’t specifically covered was how to handle tags or, as Blogger calls them, categories. I’ve been going hog wild with them and there’s an issue with that; it makes it hard to have a coherent search.

Around day 20, the challenge was to create an editorial calendar. You know, what are you going to be doing when. This forces you, as the blogger, to determine your scope, what areas you are willing (or have time) to cover. I came up with 18. At last count, I had 61 categories and not all of my new topics overlapped my old categories. You see the problem?

I toyed with the idea of using a noun-verb approach. For example, I would have a “Review” category and a “Books,” “Movies,” “Podcasts,” and “Blogs” categories. If I had a book review, I would choose the “Books” and the “Review” categories, etc. I think that approach might work well for some blogs. I haven’t made a final decision yet, but I’m leaning towards a straight “Review” category for now. I feel I can always add the others in later, if the situation warrants it.

Yeah, I know it’s an administrative thing and I shouldn’t get wrapped around the axle about it, but like all Spring Cleaning, it’ll look better when I’m done.  Sometime, in the next week or so, look for the new categories to be in place; unless I get distract by something shiny.

Oh, and I have another Guest Blogger appearance scheduled next week at Letters To People Who Won’t Read Them. I’ll have more info on that later. If you’re a blogger, check out the “Be Our Guest” link up top. I’d love to host you here.

Next Steps – #MNINB Day 30

I did it! I finally made it to the end! The focus of the April Platform Challenge is to create Social Sphere in order to promote … what? I believe the big drawback of this challenge is the creation of a network without a stated purpose. Make no mistake, this is a fantastic way to create a social platform, I highly recommend it. But, I also think that you need to have a purpose for the building, whether it’s a blog, a book, a podcast, or what have you; otherwise, it’s just an academic exercise.

Scheduling – #MNINB #29

The penultimate task of the April Platform Challenge is to create a task list for the month of May. Since I’m already well beyond that now, I’ve created the list for the month of June.

I think all those years of creating programming schedules for radio has finally paid off. I’ve set things up on a weekly rotation with a rather ambitious two original blog posts a week. We’ll see if I’m able to mange that into my writing schedule. After all, it’s one thing to build a platform, but you have to have something to build it for.

I’m using Google Calendars to track things. If I have content, it’ll be on the schedule below, otherwise it’ll be a big old naught.

Sundays: Reblog Sundays – If I have been out and about and if was any good, I’ll reblog here.

Mondays: Interviews – I’ve been casting a wide net. Once I get the audio suite rolling, it’ll be podcasts.

Tuesdays: Guest Tuesdays – E’nuff said.

Wednesdays: Regular Blog Post

Thursdays: Podcast Thursday – Highly experimental, which’ll mean it’ll either be really superb or outstandingly awful.

Fridays: Review day – Movies, Podcasts, Books, pretty much anything I feel like yammering on about.

Saturdays: Regular Blog Post

Comments, Questions, Queries – #MNINB Day 28

Today’s April Platform Challenge is to reach  out and comment on someone else’s blog. Since my goal is to get the April Challenge done by the end of May, hop over to Mel’s Madness and check out Boldly Going …

It’s Middle School Gym, All Over Again – #MNINB Day 27

redroom-logo Pick me! Pick me! I don’t want to be last … again. Pick Me! Sheesh! Today’s April Platform Challenge is to join a Social Media site. Ah, come on, Robert! Another, Social Media site … really?

Well, I not going to join just any site. No sir. I’m going to join someplace exclusive. So, I did. I applied for membership at My membership is now being vetted. Which leads me to one question.

What if I don’t qualify for membership?

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